Nina BrevikLinguaLab is located near Exeter on the south coast of Devon, UK, and is run by Nina Brevik. Nina grew up in Norway and has a BA (hons) in Technical Translation from the University of Agder in Norway and the University of Surrey in the UK. She worked as a Translator and Project Manager in a British translation agency before setting up her own company, LinguaLab, in 2005.

Nina is a long-term member of The Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association (NFFO). She has lived in England for 20 years and is fully bilingual. She is a dedicated and experienced translator who is passionate about languages and comfortable with strict deadlines.

In November 2008, LinguaLab helped sponsor the ProZ/ITI conference The Translator As Strategic Partner in London. Nina Brevik has been a Certified Pro member of ProZ since October 2008.

Published articles:

Translation theory with regards to translating metaphors
Likestilling og språkbruk (in Norwegian nynorsk only)

Translated books:
Hundedans by Mary Ray (English title: Dancing With Dogs), published in 2010
Sunt hestevett by Henry Blake (English title: Horse Sense), published in 2010
Edvard Munch: My Art is a Self-Confession by Kaare Berntsen art gallery,
published in 2008
Dressur med Kyra by Kyra Kyrklund and Jytte Lemkow (English title: Dressage with Kyra), published in 2005
Vær din beste venn av Marianne Magelssen (English title: Being your own best friend), published in 2021

Translated song lyrics:
Å nåde stor by John Newton (English title: Amazing Grace), translated in 2002.
The Norwegian translation may be freely used provided credit is given.